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Metal Forming

  • Basic Press Automation

    A Gemco 2500 Programmable Limit Switch combined with a heavy-duty Gemco resolver or a 1980R Rotating Cam Limit Switch did the work.

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  • The shut height is changed by increasing or decreasing the length between the pitman arm and the slide.
    How to Decrease Downtime on Metal Die Machinery

    With most sheet metal die changes, the shut height value must be changed on the machine. Fast, efficient changes of this shut height will decrease downtime between jobs. The distance that the ram travels is specified or fixed for each press.

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  • Press Automation

    Many press operations are now being fitted with automation equipment that requires limit switch output. While most press control outputs remain unchanged from die to die, the automation outputs frequently require adjustment.

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  • Press Safety

    The 1980 Cam Limit Switches offer control reliability. The 1980 Series offers a relatively stable mechanical design with N.C. and N.O. contacts which can be checked for proper operation each time the press strokes.

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  • Shut Height

    The Gemco 2110 Shut Height Monitor with the rugged 952 Blue Ox LDT mounted between the pitman arm and the slide will give the direct displacement of the slide adjustment.

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