PLS, PLC and Network Modules

We manufacture a wide range of and rotary position sensors designed to enhance your process and help your line run faster, more reliably, and more precisely. The core of the business is based on the Gemco product line that has served the packaging industry with reliable solutions for over 50 years.

The technology we use continuously looks at the rotary position of a machine and, at ultra-high speeds, makes sophisticated process decisions to turn on and off devices such as glue guns and feeder systems. We designed these products to be easy-to-use and to ensure that machine changeover takes minutes, not hours. If it’s a simple stop at the end of the line application or an ultra-high speed multiple output process, we have the solution
  • Programmable Limit Switch (PLS)

    The Gemco Programmable Limit Switches (PLS) are typically found in applications where the PLC scan time cannot keep up with the process. In many cases, the end user is looking for a simple interface that can be adapted to their machine without having to buy the PLC, HMI, and programming software.

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  • Interface Modules

    The Interface Modules used in a variety of applications from stamping to every day automation

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  • Shut Height Monitor

    Shut Height Monitor Short Description

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