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Linear Position Sensors

Linear Position Sensors play an important role in factory automation. They provide accurate, reliable, absolute position feedback to help automate today’s sophisticated machinery. the linear position Sensors must deliver value, be easy to set up, and interface easily into the host controller.

We know the manufacturing challenges of today are extreme, so we designed and built sensors to meet and exceed these demands, regardless of the application or environment. Innovation, proprietary technology and decades of experience were the key to the development of our line of position sensors, also known as Linear Position Transducers or Linear Displacement Transducers.
  • Linear Position Sensors play an important role in factory automation. Linear Position Sensors are also known as Linear displacement transducers, LDT, or simply as cylinder position sensors, these instruments secure the workflow on automated machinery or hydraulic cylinders
    Rod Style LDT

    Rod Style Linear Transducers play an important role in providing positional feedback, they are predominately used with hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to report their position back to the host controller

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  • Embedded Rod Style LDT

    The 958A Embedded Linear Position Transducer is a Rod Style LDT (Linear Displacement Transducer) that is designed fit entirely inside of hydraulic cylinder. The 958A provides absolute analog feedback in the most demanding applications.

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  • Mill Duty Housing LDT

    The Stainless Steel Mill-Duty Housing is designed to help simplify mounting and to protect Rod Style LDTs from physical and environmental damages

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  • Profile Style (BRIK) LDT

    The Profile Style housing provides a convenient mounting option for linear displacement transducers. The streamlined aluminum extrusion houses the sensing element and electronics.

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  • Rod and Barrel Style (BLOK) LDT

    The Rod and Barrel Style LDT – BLOK - Housing is designed for applications where mounting a standalone Rod or Profile Style Linear Displacement Transducer, is prohibitive

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  • Network LDT

    The Network Linear Displacement Transducer provides maximum flexibility for installation and ease of use in demanding, high-performance, networked industrial applications.

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  • Cable Reel Sensors

    Cable Reels can be used as a linear position sensor in any industrial application to monitor a linear or reciprocating machine motion.

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