Rotating Cam Limit Switch

Gemco products are the standard by which all other rotary cam limit switches are measured. Most of the features called for by users were invented as part of Gemco products. Today we have the most complete line of components and accessories for precise circuit control; no one else comes close. We design, engineer and provide technical support with on-site staff. With in-plant stamping, machining, welding, painting and assembly, we have control over our parts and processes. Our integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer the best delivery in the business.
  • 1980 Series Rotating Cam Limit Switch

    The Gemco 1980 Series Rotating Cam Limit Switches are pilot devices used for heavy duty material handling mechanisms, mechanical presses, locks/dams, bridges, packaging machines, rotary tables, and in many other applications where repetitive and sequential operations are required in control circuitry.

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  • 1980R Series Rotating Cam Limit Switch with Resolver

    The Gemco 1980R Series Rotating Cam Limit Switch combines the mechanical cams of our standard 1980 series with a Resolver. The Resolver is then interfaced back into one of our Programmable Limit Switches, Displays or PLC.

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  • 1983 Series Opto-Cam Rotating Cam Limit Switch

    The 1983 Series Opto-Cam is a rotating cam limit switch that uses a photo eye to optically actuate. Used primarily for applications requiring high speed positioning

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  • 1970 Series Drive-Chek Base Multi-purpose Sub Base

    The 1970 Series Drive-Chek is a multi-purpose sub base that is mounted under a chain or belt driven mechanism. The unit serves three purposes; namely, a broken chain or belt detector, a chain or belt tensioner, and a shock and vibration isolator.

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