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A Plastic Injection Molding machine normally uses 4 axis or more of linear positioning to control the process. These axis typically are the injector screw position, carriage position, mold closure, and mold eject. In the past, OEM’s relied on Linear Potentiometers which were less than reliable in this application.

The 955 eBrik II LDT is an ideal alternative to the traditional low-cost Linear Potentiometer. The advantages of the 955 eBrik II over the traditional potentiometer are that the eBrik is an accurate, programmable zero & span, auto-tuning, non-contact position sensor in an economical low profile package, that uses our field proven Magnetostrictive technology to give absolute analog feedback. The eBrik expands it stroke range to 90” and adds higher shock & vibration performance for demanding applications.

Application Note - Plastic Blow Molding
Application Note - Optimal Productivity with Gemco 955 LDT in Plastic Injection Molding
Application Note - Optimal Productivity with Gemco LDT Series in Plastic Injection Molding