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Cylinder Position Sensor for Hydraulic Cylinders

Gemco LDT Position Monitoring for Hydraulic Cylinders also in Rugged Environments

Cylinder Position Sensors, play an important role in making hydraulic cylinders safe and efficient. Cylinder position sensors like the popular LDT (Linear Displacement Transducer) provide accurate and reliable absolute position feedback to help automate or control hydraulic cylinders. 

Linear position sensors are mounted inside, or right next to, hydraulic cylinders, subjecting their electric circuits to an extreme working environment. We design position sensors to meet and exceed demands for ruggedness and accuracy, regardless of the application or environment. Innovation, proprietary technology, and decades of experience are key to the development of our line of Linear Displacement Transducers. We insist that our linear position sensors deliver value not only via their longevity and accuracy, but must also be easy to setup and easily interface with a host controller.

Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducers are the preferred technology for cylinder position sensors in the hydraulics industry.  These non-contact position sensors are absolute and are designed to withstand the pressures, temperatures, and high cycle rates associated with hydraulic cylinders.

Position monitoring of hydraulic cylinders is a field of expertise for GEMCO/Factory Automation, a part of AMETEK STC.  Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers can provide cylinders that have been prepped to accept Magnetostrictive sensors. In a prepped cylinder, the manufacturer has modified the hydraulic cylinder to accept one of our rod-style linear transducers. A user or distributor can then simply screw a rod-style linear transducer into the hydraulic cylinder. 

Gemco Mill-Duty Housing Clevis Mount Hydraulic Cylinder
 Cylinders Must be Prepped for Magnetostrictive Technology
 1.  Cylinders end cap must be machined to accept a Linear Transducer
 2.  Magnet must be added to hydraulic cylinders piston
 3.  Cylinder´s piston must be gun drilled with ½" bore 

AMETEK Factory Automation works with countless hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and distributors who service the fluid power industries.

If you are manufacturing hydraulic cylinders (or machinery using hydraulic cylinders) you know that downtime is costly, and service must be minimized. We help hydraulic cylinders perform with extreme accuracy on a daily basis. Even in high shock and vibration applications.

If you are performing service on hydraulic cylinders (or machinery using hydraulic cylinders) you will appreciate some of our unique features. 

AGC – Automatic Gain Control
On some hydraulic cylinders, service can be very complicated. It may be prohibitive to remove a failed sensor from a cylinder, and there can be issues with replacing a sensor with one of a different brand. The Gemco AGC (Automatic Gain Control) feature removes the worry of changing a linear transducer when the brand of the magnet installed in the cylinder is unknown. With a Gemco LDT, a pulse is sent down the guide tube on power-up and the sensors internal signal strengths are automatically adjusted to that of the hydraulic cylinder magnet.  

Linear Position Sensor Housings for External or Internal Mounting
The position sensors with compact housing or embedded housing are created for fluid power applications, allowing only a little space for the converter, either outside the hydraulic cylinder; or inside the hydraulic cylinder.
To assure longevity in the most demanding fluid power applications such as steel-, mining- or construction-hydraulics, the Gemco 958A Compact Housing LDT is designed to deliver industrial-leading tolerances of 1,000Gs shock resistance and 30Gs vibration resistance. The Gemco 958A Compact Housing can withstand the cold-water power washing often used in agricultural, mining, construction, and other challenging environments.

Gemco 958A Compact Housing Linear Displacement Transducer
Gemco 958 Compact Housing Linear Displacement Transducer tech drawing

Gemco 958A Embedded Housing Linear Displacement Transducer
Hydraulic Cylinder Cross-section Gemco Linear Position Sensor 

The design provides simplicity of installation on a fluid power cylinder, enabling the user to perform field service on the position sensor fast and effectively. The Gemco 958 Compact Housing provides easily accessible housing, minimizing eventual long-lasting breakdowns. The design of 958 Embedded Housing allows installation inside the hydraulic cylinder; this means the hydraulic cylinder itself will protect the housing of the linear position sensor. 

External Mounting and Rugged Protection
If you cannot remove a rod-style linear transducer from the inside of a cylinder, we offer the option to mount the magnetostrictive cylinder position sensor outside the cylinder, with our Gemco 950MD Series. The Series 950 Mill-Duty Housing (950MD) is designed for applications where mounting a stand-alone magnetostrictive Rod Style Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is prohibitive.  

Potential physical damage, environmental conditions, and mounting limitations are all factors to consider when specifying a linear position feedback system that will perform flawlessly for many years to come. The 950MD housing is designed to eliminate all the hazards above by protecting the cylinder position sensor from physical and environmental damage from temperature, corrosives, shock & vibration, and dust and debris. Additionally, the Gemco 950MD offers a simple two-point mounting scheme that can compensate for the lateral and/or horizontal movement of the machine while in operation. 

The Gemco 950MD housing is perfect for retrofitting existing hydraulic cylinders with a Linear Displacement Transducer to provide a continuous position feedback signal. This is a convenient way to mount the 950MD an internal Linear Displacement Transducer parallel to the cylinder or equipment in motion. It also eliminates the need to tear down and gun drill the cylinder to accommodate a cylinder position sensor, if one had not been previously installed. The housing may also be helpful if you have an existing cylinder in operation that does not allow for easy removal of the linear transducer.
Gemco Linear Transducer Clevis Mount Mill-duty on Hydraulic Cylinder
If you own machinery with hydraulic cylinders, whether your hydraulic cylinders are mounted on trucks, mining machines, excavators, at steel mills, or offshore, we can help them to perform flawlessly, day in and day out, even in the most rugged applications. Gemco offers numerous package styles and output types to help meet your sensing needs.

We encourage you to read our application notes, based on real-life experiences, and contact us today to discuss how AMETEK Factory Automation can improve and protect your positioning needs. 
  • Linear Position Sensors provide accurate, reliable, absolute hydraulic cylinder position feedback to help automate today’s sophisticated machinery.
    Gemco 953 VMax Linear Rod Style Transducer for Hydraulic Cylinders

    Recommended for hydraulic cylinder applications that require feedback and high accuracy in rugged, demanding applications. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mills – All facets, Hydraulic cylinders, Tire & Rubber, Bailers, Aerospace (Structural testing and flight simulators), Hydro Power, Plastic injection molding, Pulp & Paper (Web – Dancer & Accumulators), Rail (inspection and assembly), Directional Drilling, Lumber (Carriage & Saw positioning), Stamping (Shut Height), Brick Making (Mold Transfer)

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  • Gemco 959CT Linear Displacement Transducer
    Gemco 959CT Rod Style Cylinder Position Sensor for Hydraulic Cylinders

    A rugged, accurate, non-contact cylinder position sensor. The compact housing allows the budget-friendly unit to be installed in applications where traditional rod-style transducers will not fit. APPLICATIONS: Hydraulic Cylinder, Steel Mills – All facets, Tire & Rubber, Bailers, Hydro Power, Plastic injection molding, Pulp & Paper (Web – Dancer & Accumulators), Rail, Lumber, Packaging, Marine, Agricultural & Construction Machinery.

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  • Gemco 950MD Series Mill-Duty Housing for Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensor

    Designed for applications where mounting an LDT is prohibitive. The 950MD Mill Duty Housing is ideal for upgrading existing applications that require linear feedback. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Furnace Tilt, Ladle Side Gate, Electrode Position, Tundish Car, Mold Width, Torch Cut-off, Walking Beam, Side Guide, Roll Position), Recycling (Bailers), Hydro Power (Governors and Intake Gates), Entertainment (Amusement Park Rides), Brick Making (Mold Transfer)

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  • Gemco 958A Series Embedded Rod Style Linear Cylinder Position Sensor

    The 958A Embedded Linear Hydraulic Cylinder Position Transducer is a Rod Style LDT (Linear Displacement Transducer) that is designed fit entirely inside of hydraulic cylinder. The 958A provides absolute analog feedback in the most demanding applications. APPLICATIONS: Mobile Hydraulics

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  • 958A-Series-Compact-Housing
    Gemco 958A Series Compact Housing Rod Style Linear Cylinder Position Sensor

    The 958A Compact Housing Linear Hydraulic Cylinder Position Transducer is a Rod Style LDT (Linear Displacement Transducer). The 958A provides absolute analog feedback in the most demanding applications. APPLICATIONS: Mobile Hydraulics

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  • Gemco 925 Series Linear Cable Reel Sensor for Hydraulic Cylinders

    Used as a linear position sensor in any industrial application to monitor a linear or reciprocating machine motion. As the cable is pulled off of the drum, the drum rotates a rotary position sensor. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Ladle, Tundish and Charge Car Position, Furnace Tilt, Electrode Position, Turret Position, Torch Cut-off, Slab Cranes, Loop Tower), Hydro Power (Intake Gates), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge).

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