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950MD Series Housing

The Gemco 950 Series Mill Duty Housing is designed for applications where mounting a standalone rod style Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT), also known as a linear position sensor, is prohibitive. Potential physical damage, environmental conditions or mounting limitations are all elements that are involved in specifying a linear position sensor that will perform flawlessly for many years.

The 950MD housing has been designed to eliminate all of the above problems by protecting the LDT from physical and environmental damage such as temperature, corrosives, shock & vibration, or dust and debris. Additionally, the 950MD offers a simple two point mounting scheme that can compensate for lateral and/or horizontal movement of the machine while in operation. The 950MD housing is also perfect for retrofitting existing cylinders with an LDT providing a continuous position feedback signal.

• Cylinder Position Sensor
• Stainless Steel protective housing                
• Simple two-point mounting offers Lateral and Horizontal Movement to compensate for machine slop
• Air purges to help cool electronics
• Optional Front and Rear Rod ends
• Optional Quick Disconnect connectors
• Optional Protective Bellows
• Sensor Length up to 240"

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  • Application Notes +

    • Steel Mills - Walking Beams

      Absolute Continuous Feedback

    • Steel Mills - Monitor Torch Cut Off Heads

      Close the Loop on Torch Cut-Off Heads and Monitor the Slab Length

    • Steel Mills - Electric Arc Furnace Cover

      Absolute Position Feedback in the Harshest Environments

    • Steel Mills - Turret Rotate and Lift

      Prevent Injury and Equipment Damage

    • Steel Mills - Rolling Mill

      Quality Depends on Performance

    • Entertainment - Motion Simulators

      For The Entertainment Indistry

    • Automation - Finishing and Coating

      Steel Processing

    • Plastics - Blow Molding

      High Shock and Vibration Ratings

    • Steel Mills - Raw Materials to Iron

      Accuracy, Repeatability, Survivability, Easy Installation

    • Steel Mills - Steel Making

      Only the Strong Survive

    • Recycling - Baling Machines

      The 950MD Mill Duty Housing and 953 VMax Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) are an ideal alternative to Limit Switches and lower cost linear sensors.