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Applications for the Automation Industry
Gemco has been supplying control and automation solutions to the Automotive Stamping and Tire & Rubber industries for over 40 years. We have unique product offerings that allow you to select the level of automation you need, and stay profitable. Automation without effective position monitoring can be costly. So, we have developed a full line of Linear and Rotary position sensors to help automate today's sophisticated machinery. We produce some of the world’s most rugged linear and rotary position sensors for a variety of applications and industries. 

For stamping presses and moving machinery that requires safeguarding, we provide a safety instrument that helps measure machine stopping time, helping you to protect your personnel from workplace accidents. The Gemco 1999 Semelex Safetimeter is used by OSHA to verify compliance with safety regulations throughout the USA.

AMETEK Factory Automation has decades of experience in helping the tire industry achieve higher efficiency and less downtime on their manufacturing lines. Our Magnetostrictive Linear Position sensors provide absolute, accurate position feedback to help automate these sophisticated machines.

Our line of magnetostrictive position sensors such as the Gemco 955 eBrik, Gemco 953 VMax, the ReadyLink Series, and the Gemco 959CT, have made AMETEK Factory Automation the preferred partner for position sensors with many tire manufacturers.  Absolute position monitoring, accuracy, and longevity are just a few factors that help in your ROI.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help reduce cycle times, enhance repeatability performance, and the value of integrated position information, read the application notes and contact us today.