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Instrumentation for Manufacturing Automation

Automated Manufacturing with Position Sensors

AMETEK Factory Automation has a wealth of experience working with manufacturers of automation machinery and automated work cells. The Gemco brand has supplied thousands of position sensors, linear transducers, resolvers, and rotary limit switches to provide linear and rotary feedback to machinery in motion.
Innovation, proprietary technology, and decades of experience are the key to the development of our line of Linear Displacement Transducers.

Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducers (LDT) are the preferred instruments for receiving motion feedback in many industries.  These non-contact position sensors are highly accurate and are 100% absolute.  The LDTs are designed to withstand the high cycle rates associated with automation. 

Cable and hose carriers for ideal protection of control cables and hydraulic hoses. CATRAC cable and hose carriers are ideal for protecting cables & hoses from damage and wear in reciprocating motions, such as those found in steel manufacturing, heavy movable structures such as moveable bridges, cranes, hoists, lifts, and steelwork factories. SNAPTRACK is designed with lightweight nylon composite material and is perfect for machinery such as CNC or other automated, not heavy duty, machines.

AMETEK Factory Automation’s product line of Gemco linear position sensors, rotary limit switches, cable and hose carriers, and level sensors are designed to work flawlessly with little or no need for ongoing service or calibration. We know that downtime in the automated workflow can be very costly. 

We have committed ourselves to understanding the mechanical link between automated machines and position sensors. Working directly with customers on their manufacturing floors, and observing their processes firsthand, we’ve helped develop countless successful automation solutions. And our collaborations with OEM manufacturers of automated workflow machinery have resulted in a wide selection of products and technology offerings, and the expertise to apply them. This places Gemco in a position to provide the best possible position monitoring, or position limitation solutions to meet the specific requirements of automated applications like stamping presses, injection molding machines, packaging, lumber, automotive, tire & rubber, pulp & paper, and many, many more.

Together with you, we strive to help improve uptime, the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and personnel safety by delivering world-class, linear position sensors, rotary position sensors, and cable management solutions.

We encourage you to read our application notes, based on real-life experiences, and contact us today to discuss how AMETEK Factory Automation can improve and protect your manufacturing workflow.

  • Linear Position Sensors provide accurate, reliable, absolute hydraulic cylinder position feedback to help automate today’s sophisticated machinery.
    Gemco 953 VMax Linear Rod Style Transducer

    Recommended for hydraulic cylinder applications that require feedback and high accuracy in rugged, demanding applications. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mills – All facets, Hydraulic cylinders, Tire & Rubber, Bailers, Aerospace (Structural testing and flight simulators), Hydro Power, Plastic injection molding, Pulp & Paper (Web – Dancer & Accumulators), Rail (inspection and assembly), Directional Drilling, Lumber (Carriage & Saw positioning), Stamping (Shut Height), Brick Making (Mold Transfer)

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  • Gemco 959CT Linear Displacement Transducer
    Gemco 959CT Rod Style Linear Position Sensor

    The compact housing allows the budget-friendly unit to be installed in applications where traditional rod-style transducers will not fit. APPLICATIONS: Hydraulic Cylinder, Steel Mills – All facets, Tire & Rubber, Bailers, Hydro Power, Plastic injection molding, Pulp & Paper (Web – Dancer & Accumulators), Rail, Lumber, Packaging, Marine, Agricultural & Construction Machinery.

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  • Mill Duty Housing Series

    For applications where mounting an LDT is prohibitive. The 950MD Mill Duty Housing is ideal for upgrading existing applications that require linear feedback. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Furnace Tilt, Ladle Side Gate, Electrode Position, Tundish Car, Mold Width, Torch Cut-off, Walking Beam, Side Guide, Roll Position), Recycling (Bailers), Hydro Power (Governors and Intake Gates), Entertainment (Amusement Park Rides), Brick Making (Mold Transfer)

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  • Gemco 955 eBrik Linear Rod Style Transducer

    The Profile Style LDT BRIK-housing provides a convenient mounting option. A magnet moves over the sensing element that determines the position. APPLICATIONS: Bailers (Straw, Paper & Metal), Hydro Power (Governors and Intake Gates), Entertainment (Amusement Park Rides), Rail (inspection and assembly), Vibratory Welding, Tire & Rubber, Lumber (Carriage & Saw positioning), Stamping (Hydraulic Presses), Steel Mill, Plastic injection molding, Pulp & Paper (Web – Dancer & Accumulators), Rock Crushing,

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  • Gemco 956 Rod and Barrel Style LDT BLOK-Housing

    The Rod and Barrel Style LDT BLOK-Housing for applications where mounting a standalone Rod or Profile Style Linear Displacement Transducer is prohibitive. APPLICATIONS: Plastics, Hydro Power, Entertainment

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  • Gemco 925 Cable Reel Sensor

    Used to monitor a linear or reciprocating machine motion. The cable is pulled off of the drum, the drum rotates a rotary position sensor. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Ladle, Tundish and Charge Car Position, Furnace Tilt, Electrode Position, Turret Position, Torch Cut-off, Slab Cranes, Loop Tower), Hydro Power (Intake Gates), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge).

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  • Gemco 1980 Series Rotating Cam Limit Switch

    When motion is expressed in shaft rotation the Rotating Cam Limit Switch opens or closes independent circuits at any desired angular positions. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Mud Gun, Lance Position, Furnace Tilt, Lance Position), Cranes (End Limits), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge). Heat Treating (Furnace Door Position), Packaging, Rail (Coal Car Dumpers), Stamping (Press Control), Satellite Position control.

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  • Gemco Rotary Limit Switch

    Provides upper, lower, and/or intermediate limits for moving machinery and mechanisms. APPLICATIONS: Screw Jacks (End Limits), Cranes (End Limits), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge). Heat Treating (Furnace Door Position), Stamping (Shut Height End Limits), Satellite Position control, Over-Head Doors (Over-travel), Gymnasium (Basket backboard retract).

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  • Gemco 2500 Series PLS

    A rotary resolver within the PLS converts the resolver signal to electronically simulate mechanical limit switches. APPLICATIONS: Automation, Stamping (Press Automation), Crane & Hoist (Cab Position), High-Speed Packaging & Labeling, Non-Woven (Diaper manufacturing), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge).

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  • Gemco 2120 Series Programmable Logic Control Interface Module

    Used as a simple indicator of position or as a PLC interface module that generates digital and analog signals. APPLICATIONS: Stamping (Shut Height), Heavy Moveable Structures (Lock & Dam / Bridge), Steel Mill.

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  • CATRAC Cable and hose carrier
    CATRAC Cable and Hose Carrier

    CATRAC cable and hose carriers are manufactured so that pieces or sections can be removed or replaced in the field. APPLICATIONS: Steel Mill (Stacker/Reclaimer, Lance Position, Ladle Crane, Tundish Car, Cranes, Torch Cut-off, Walking Beam, Coil Box, Roll Position, Down Coiler), Aerial Lifts, Deicers, Moveable Bridges, Cranes (Container Cranes), Mining, and Off Shore.

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  • Gemco Industrial Brakes

    Industrial Brakes stop virtually any type of industrial machine. Often used in the mills include indoor and outdoor bridge cranes, gantries, heavy-duty cranes, high-duty cycle cranes, and stacker reclaimers. APPLICATIONS: Overhead Cranes

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