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Moving Ore in From Mine

The mining industry is complex, with several important stages to bring raw minerals to a finished product. From actual mining, crushing, transport, preparation, and beneficiation to waste collection and reclamation, there are numerous processes that require critical measurements to ensure the proper handling of minerals.

The AMETEK Factory Automation brand Gemco has been a part of the mining industry for over 50 years. AMETEK Factory Automation also has the proven brand CATRAC, known for manufacturing cable and hose carriers that are mill-duty, and suitable for the mining industry.

Gemco supplies industrial brakes and Camboxes for cranes and heavy movable structures. Gemco also manufactures some of the most rugged linear displacement transducers, also known as LDT, in the marketplace. LDT’s can be used to monitor the position of hydraulic cylinders that are crucial in controlling automation and safety. The mining industry delivers some of the harshest demands in regard to working with dust, debris and constant vibration, we have LDT’s that can work under these conditions delivering exact position monitoring.

The line of rotary limit switches (RLS) are award-winning and extremely reliable. These instruments can prevent cranes and hoists from overtravel, saving many workhours on service. The RLS can also be used to prevent cranes from moving into restricted areas, which makes the mining application a safer working place for personnel.

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