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Rotary Feedback

Our Rotary Position Sensors provide accurate, reliable, absolute position feedback that helps automate complexed machinery. The sensors play an important role in factory automation and deliver value, ease of use, and interface easily into the host controller.

Gemco is the industry leader in Rotary Position Products with over 50 years of experience. We pride ourselves on line or Rotary Limit Switches and Resolvers to help automate todays machinery. We provide sensors to survive in the most hostile environments.
  • Rotating Cam Limit Switch

    Gemco products are the standard by which all other rotary cam limit switches are measured. Most of the features called for by users were invented as part of Gemco products. Today we have the most complete line of components and accessories for precise circuit control; no one else comes close. We design, engineer and provide technical support with on-site staff. With in-plant stamping, machining, welding, painting and assembly, we have control over our parts and processes. Our integrated manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer the best delivery in the business.

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  • Rotary Limit Switch

    Gemco manufactures a complete line of geared rotary limit switches (RLS) that provide upper, lower and/or intermediate limits for moving machinery and mechanisms. When motion is expressed in shaft rotation, we can provide limits that are adjustable throughout the entire range of movement. Rotary Limit Switches can be used for material handling on crane or winch drums, hoists, lifts, screw jacks, or platforms. They can also be used to limit gate travel on locks, dams, intake water structures, or any moving item.

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  • Resolver

    The Gemco 1986 Series Resolvers have been the preferred source for rugged and accurate rotary positioning in a variety of industrial applications. The brushless resolver works on the same principle as a rotary transformer to couple power in the rotor.

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