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Hydro Power and Heavy Moveable Structures

Gemco has been supplying control and automation solutions for Locks, Dams, Bridges and the Hydro Power Industry for over 45 years. We have a unique product and system mix that allows you to select the level of automation you need.  

Gemco sensors are known for their flawless performance in the harshest applications and can be configured to your needs. If you have an application requiring Rotary or Linear feedback or Industrial Brakes, Gemco has the solution. Gemco Industrial Brakes stop virtually any type of industrial machine. Applications such as draw and lift bridges, steel mills, indoor and outdoor bridge cranes, gantries, heavy-duty cranes, high-duty cycle cranes, lock and dam projects, stacker reclaimers, and commercial laundry equipment are just some of the uses for Gemco Industrial Brakes.

Brochure: Position Feedback for Hydro Power and Heavy Moveable Structures

Application Note: Catrac - Swing Bridge