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Instrumentation for the Tire and Rubber Industry

Tire Industry position sensors

We have decades of experience with world-leading tire manufacturers and with companies creating the manufacturing lines for the tire industry across the world.

The tire manufacturing process sets high demands for accuracy and longevity. The repeatable movement of the hydraulic cylinders and machinery need position monitoring from LDT, Linear Displacement Transducers, rather than potentiometers, that can show weakness in the long term, and though the potentiometers are cheap on pricing, the LDT will normally provide better ROI looking at the lifetime of the position sensor.

With the launch of the Gemco 959CT, AMETEK Factory Automation has created an LDT, linear displacement transducer, that provides the user most of the features and stability from the high-end position sensors, whilst being highly competitive on pricing. 

Our engineers are used to work with engineers in the planning phase of a new manufacturing line, securing that everything works perfectly from day one, but we are also experienced in providing the right position sensors to already installed manufacturing lines, for hydraulic cylinders as well as moving machinery. 

  • Linear Position Sensors provide accurate, reliable, absolute hydraulic cylinder position feedback to help automate today’s sophisticated machinery.
    Gemco 953 VMax Linear Rod Style Transducer

    The Gemco 953 Series VMax Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is a linear position sensor developed to meet the most demanding processing challenges, regardless of application or operating environment in the rubber or tire manufacturing industry.

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  • Gemco 959CT Linear Displacement Transducer
    Gemco 959CT Rod Style Linear Position Sensor

    The Gemco 959CT is an introductory rod-style linear displacement transducer. The position sensor is IP68 rated. It’s all-stainless-steel construction and is ideal for caustic applications and machines with high-cycle rates, such as those found in tire curing presses. The non-contact design allows this LDT to be used in highly repetitive applications without mechanical wear or worry of corrosive gasses.

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  • Gemco 955 eBrik Linear Rod Style Transducer

    The Gemco 955 Series BRIK Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is a linear position sensor developed to meet the most demanding processing challenges. In Tire manufacturing machinery our BRIK LDT’s are typically used in automation to load and unload the tires and position the molds over the green tires. The BRIK linear position sensors are a cost-effective replacement to limit and proximity sensors and linear potentiometers.

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  • ReadyLink Series Linear Position Sensor

    The ReadyLink Series with RapidRecall is our newest linear position sensor developed with an EtherNet/IP network interface. The Network LDT provides maximum flexibility for installation and ease of use in demanding, high-performance, networked industrial applications.

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  • SnapTrack Cable and hose carrier
    Snaptrack flexible cable and hose carriers for the tire industry

    Snaptrac carrier is made of a long-wearing nylon composition and can be used with electric, air, gas, or hydraulic hoses. Light and secure even at high speeds, Snaptrac carriers will protect the components inside the carrier. The carrier is durable against harsh corrosive environments as found in Tire applications, and is resilient to chemical fumes, lubricating oils, and solvent present in a temperature range from -13 to 257°F.

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