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Steel Mill

The Steel Mill industries are a major global market for us. Our Linear, Rotary, Level and Pressure sensors have met the extreme environments found in the Mills for over 50 years. We have a wide selection of products and technology offerings, and the expertise to apply them, affording us the unique position to provide the best possible solution to meet the requirements specific to the Steel Mill Industries.

No one in the industry understands the mechanical link between steel mill machines and sensors like us. The reason is our commitment to get down on the plant floor and solve real problems with an impressive line of standard and special products designed for steel mill applications. No one else in our business can live up to that claim. 

• We know what to measure for improved automation and efficiency
• We know where to measure for greatest accuracy and repeatability
• We know when to protect sensors in our unique mill-duty housings for long, maintenance-free life
• We know how to mount and interface our sensor packages for easy, fast, “seamless” installation
• We package our sensors to survive harsh environments.  Add to that commitment, our six decades of application experience and state-of-the-art electronics, and you have solutions that will meet the sensor challenges in your Mills.

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