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Profile Style (BRIK) LDT

The Profile Style LDT - BRIK - housing provides a convenient mounting option. The streamlined aluminum extrusion houses the sensing element and electronics. The magnet moves over the sensing element that determines the position and converts it to a readable output. The BRIK is a self-contained unit and does not have a “can” or head assembly. All of the electronics are incorporated in the transducer, which is less than one inch tall. The magnet slide is designed to move effortlessly along the transducer in guide tracks or a floating magnet assembly can be positioned above the unit.  
  • 955 BRIK Series Linear Position Sensor

    The 955 BRIK Series is an accurate, programmable zero and span, auto-tuning, non-contact linear position sensor in an economical, low-profile package. The sensor utilizes our field-proven Magnetostrictive technology to provide absolute position feedback.

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  • 957 BRIK Series Linear Position Sensor

    The 957 BRIK is a Magnetostrictive Linear Displacement Transducer for highly accurate continuous machine positioning in a variety of industrial applications. This sensor is built to withstand the demanding processing challenges, regardless of application or operating environment.

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