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Catrac - Swing Bridge

CATRAC solution for cable and hose protection on swing bridge
A swing bridge is also known as pivot bridge or turn bridge is a low moveable bridge that can have long spans, many exceeding 500 feet.  Its primary structural support is usually near the center of gravity in a vertical axis.  In its closed position, a swing bridge allows traffic to pass over the waterway.  When a ship needs to pass, the bridge will swing (rotate) approximately 90 degrees to allow the vessel to pass. The disadvantage with these types of bridges is the structural supports (turntable) causes an obstruction in the waterway, limiting its use.

The side-mounted, double-radius CATRAC cable and hose carriers have been used on and specified by many engineering firms over the years to provide a rugged, reliable, custom-built solution for each bridge.  These bridges carry numerous electrical cables and hydraulic hoses that must rotate as the bridge opens/ closes. Factory Automation, CATRAC offers glide bars, transfer balls, special magnets, removable stiffeners, adjustable or welded dividers, special mounting feet, optional hold down clips (for track and drums), bolted and stainless-steel construction.

cable and hose protection on turn bridge

Custom made to fit each specific inner and outer drum diameter provides separation and management for cables and hoses (to prevent abrasion, wear, and twisting), center pivot design allows smooth cycling, field-replaceable track components, durable & rugged steel components.  Our CATRAC brand cable and hose carriers are proudly designed, fabricated, and built in the United States of America.
AMETEK STC has over 50 years designing and building custom CATRACs to meet demanding environments, such as bridges, steel mills, deicing machines, aerial lifts, directional drilling machines, stacker reclaimers, etc.. CATRAC supply complete systems or spare parts, as needed.  Please contact our application engineers for additional information or to discuss your specific needs in detail.