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Applications for the Automotive Industry
  • Auto Glass

    We installed our 952QD with quadrature output directly into the PLC High Speed Counter. The High Speed Counter was capable of generating an interrupt and therefore could process the data much quicker.

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  • Battery Manufacturing

    A 36" 953 VMax is installed to monitor the distance between the two halves. The position of the 953 VMax is wired back to the customer’s PLC to monitor this dimension.

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  • Linear Transducers Secures the Workflow in the Tire Industry
    Linear Transducers Secures the Workflow in the Tire Industry

    Tire manufacturers demand the highest productivity from their investments. To help accomplish this, tire machinery has focused on automation, to optimize production output, accuracy, reliability, and quality, while maintaining a safe working environment.

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  • Windshield Glass Kiln

    The 2500 Ultra High-Speed PLS is not only fast; it’s smart too. It offers 14 bit resolution, the 16 PLS outputs go directly to the I/O table which eliminates the A-B input card, and the Input Capture and Input Warning Map Register are built in and fed directly to the I/O image table.

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