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Valve Positioning

On an offshore oil platform, the customer was looking for a way to monitor the position of their knife valves. With their current monitoring scheme, they used limit switches which were limited to allowing full open or closed and half open positions.

A 955S Brik with a standard slide magnet was mounted along side the valve. The slide magnet was connected to the cylinder so that the full stroke of the valve could be monitored. Since the 955S LDT was mounted on an oil platform, it was important that it carry a FM approval for installation in Class I, Div II applications. To accomplish this, a locking mechanism was devised where the cordset could not be removed when power was applied to the LDT.

• Improved valve performance by giving 100% adjustability
• Meets FM standards for installation into Class I, Div II locations

The Gemco 955S Smart Brik provides absolute analog feedback that is approved for installation into Class I, Div II applications. If FM approvals are not required, the 955 Brik can be wired with a standard off the shelf 4 pin, 12mm Euro Cordset.