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Position Feedback for Flight Simulators

There are flight training schools throughout the world where pilots go to be certified to fly a particular type of aircraft. These large, multi-million dollar motion simulators, use 6-Axis of motion to simulate that the pilot is flying an actual aircraft. Competitive LDT’s have been used in these applications for years, and many older models are now obsolete. This has left the simulator manufacturers with no option but to redesign their system in the event of a failure.

The majority of these OEM’s use either analog or digital style LTD’s. The 953 VMax is available with analog, digital and SSI outputs that can operate off of 7 to 30 volts DC, making it a drop-in replacement in many applications.

• No need to change your existing power supply to meet new voltage input requirements.
• As an added benefit, we can offer our LTD’s with a 5 pin Amphenol connector that can be used to remove the MTS “AOM”, (Analog Output Module) from the system and plug directly into their existing cabling.

The 953 VMax rugged construction eliminates downtime and has proven to be successful in many simulator applications.