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Fiberglass Winders

An OEM of fiberglass winders was looking for an improved method of adjusting end limits. An SMC tie rod cylinder used external reed switches to control end stroke positions. These reed switches had to be adjusted from time to time to accommodate different positioning needs. The reed switches are very difficult to access since the cylinder is up inside the winder. It was often impossible to adjust these switches.

A 955CA Brik with analog output can be mounted directly on top of the SMC cylinder to detect the magnet within. The analog output is then wired back to the customer’s PLC allowing the various end stroke positions to be programmed through the PLC/HMI.

• Continuous absolute position
• Easier method of adjusting cylinder end stops
• Replaced reed switches with a more rugged solution

The 955CA was proven to be successful with the SMC tie rod cylinders and has helped this OEM speed up production and reduce change over time to a fraction of what it was previously. Gemco’s 953 VMax LDT can also provide continuous absolute position feedback in the harshest environments.