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Sensor and Control Solutions

To find a replacement for lever arm limit switches to monitor transfer car positioning. Traditionally, lever arm positioning devices are used in this application, but they will break off when they make contact with loaded cars, causing downtime and maintenance expense for replacement. Or, when cars jump on the track they can miss the lever arm causing a missed signal, creating potential crash and safety problems. In addition, you are unable to continuously monitor car position, contributing to a loss of process control and flexibility.

The Gemco 925 Cable Reel Measuring System eliminates mechanical limit switch failure, replacement, and downtime. Subtle and unpredictable car movement does not affect accurate signal transmission. And continuous monitoring of the transfer car is possible. The cable reel system feeds its position information to a remotely
located Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) that duplicated the signal of the lever arm. Installation is easy and interface to a host computer requires no program or logic modification.

We have installed these systems worldwide and increased transfer car uptime by up to 15%.

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