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Recycle Baler

Recycle Baler Application Notes
Shopping centers and recycling centers use Baler machines to compact paper, cardboard and metals into bales that can then be sent off for recycling. These machines use large Hydraulic cylinders to compact the material and then to push the bale out of the baler. Many of these machines are outfitted with mechanical limit switches to control the Ram position and ejectors. When mechanical limit switches are used, the baler only knows fully opened or closed and must make a full cycle if it is only half full.

The 955 eBrik II™ Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is an ideal alternative to Limit Switches, and when installed properly will provide absolute feedback to the host controller. The 955 eBrik II™ can provide either a voltage or current output that will tell the host controller exactly where it is located within its stroke. This eliminates the need for the Ram to stroke fully when it is only half full. Our 5-pin connector simplifies wiring and allows for quick replacement. Programmability allows the user the ability to rescale the LDT for their application, or fine tune it in the field. Diagnostics are built into every unit and are transmitted to the host controller via the analog output. If there is ever a fault, the eBrik II™ will transmit a fault voltage or current warning to the host controller, indicating a problem.

The 955 eBrik II™ is designed for applications where economical, continuous feedback is necessary. The sensor can be a cost-effective replacement to linear potentiometers and limit and proximity sensors.

• Solves issues with mechanical limit switches
• PLC knows the absolute position of the ram
• Less wear on equipment
• Increased productivity

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