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Rotary Turn Table

An automotive assembly plant wanted to upgrade the controls on their rotary indexing turntable with a programmable limit switch with more features that would simplify changeover.

The Gemco 2500 Programmable Limit Switch has proven effective in machine control of rotary turntables where limits fire based on the position of the circumference of the table. This is accomplished by mounting a resolver off of the table’s center shaft. The scale factor of the 2500 is the circumference of the table. The PLS has many key selling features. Windows programming allows for convenient parameter upload and download. Supervisor password offers the ability to lock out changes to critical functions without authorization. The key selling feature was the ability to label the inputs and outputs. The operators can easily adjust the set points without pulling out schematics to see which output controlled the feature they were trying to adjust.

• Convenient programming
• Multiple job storage
• Labeling of all inputs and outputs
• Windows programming for all programmable functions
• Supervisor password with the ability to lock out critical functions for changes without authorization
• Set points are easy to adjust

The key selling feature was the ability of the 2500 PLS to label the input and outputs. Because of this feature, the operators could easily adjust the set points without pulling out schematics to see which output controlled the feature they were trying to adjust. They were also sold on the Windows programming software for uploading and downloading all parameters.