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Electric Arc Furnace Cover

During the filling of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), the electrodes are raised and rotate into their parked position. The cover of the EAF is then raised and rotated into a parked position for EAF loading. Mill Duty lever arm limit switches or proximity switches provide discrete outputs when vertical and rotational movement reaches a programmed parked position. These switches often fail every three to four months and adjustment of the actuation points can only be done when the furnace is not operating which leads to large blocks of downtime.

A 950MD Mill Duty Housing with a 952 BlueOx LDT was mounted along side the hydraulic cylinders that rotate and move the cover vertically. As the 950MD follows the cylinder stroke, the signal is fed to a 1995L Programmble Limit Switch that is mounted in a safe and accessible location.

• Remote PLS makes programming accessible and safe
• 950MD is absolute so position data is not lost in the event of a power loss
• 950MD is non-contact
• 950MDs on average have more than triple the life expectancy of a limit switch which prevents downtime

The Gemco 950MD Mill Duty Housing and 952 BlueOx LDT provide absolute position feedback in the harshest environments.