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Turret Rotate and Lift

A customer needed to prevent the turret from moving into an unsafe position while transferring the ladle. Incorrect positioning could cause equipment to collide.

Gemco’s 950MD Mill Duty Housing and 952 BlueOx LDT were used to monitor the turret lift and a 1986 resolver was used to monitor the turret rotation. The resolver was mounted at the base of the turret. The resolver signal was fed to a 2120 PLC encoder module mounted on the turret. The analog signal from the 2120 module was then fed through slip rings to the PLC located in the pulpit. The turret lifted prior to rotating in order to avoid equipment on the casting floor. A 950MD/952 BlueOx was mounted between the turret base and the turret. As the turret lifts, the LDT feeds a signal to the PLC.

• Prevents injury
• Prevents damage to equipment from colliding

Gemco products are designed and built to withstand the harsh environments found within a steel mill.