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To improve carbide electrode positioning and descent rate accuracy during a charge burn. Most EAF furnace electrode positioning and descent mechanisms are controlled by an encoder attached to a complex drive, gear and chain assembly. These encoders monitor the drive mechanism - not the electrodes. You cannot effectively or repeated l position the electrode or monitor its descent with this system. The results are less than efficient burns and potential electrode crashes into the charge.

The Mill-Duty Series 925 Linear Cable Reel Sensor. This sensor can be mounted away from furnace hazards with the actuation cable attached directly to the electrode descent mechanism. As the electrodes descend, the cable pulls out to accurately record the linear movement. The sensor assembly converts linear to rotary motion to turn its internal resolver. The electronic signal from the resolver, which is highly resistant to electrical noise, is sent via cable to our Series 2120 Interface Module in a safe location. The module produces continuous digital position data accurate to 0.02” (0.5 mm) and a simultaneous analog output of electrode

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