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Accumulator and Loop Tower

In the finishing and coating part of the mill, large rolls are sent to the galvanizing line for a value-add operation. During this process, the coil is unrolled and multiple loops collect and adjust the tension of metal as it runs through the treatment process. The machine maintains tension by moving loops upward to gather material or moving loops downward to release excess material. Lever arm limit switches or optical encoders provide an approximation of zones in which the loop mechanism is located. Lever arms frequently break and optical encoders are not inherently mill duty. Neither mechanism will survive in a mill for an extended period of time.


A 925 Linear Cable Reel Sensor can easily be retrofitted to the accumulator/loop tower to monitor the movement of the roll carriage. The 1986 Mill-Duty Resolver packages, when combined with the 2120 PLC Interface Module, can offer a bolt in replacement for existing encoders that monitor a rotating shaft that follows loop roll movement. Analog or digital outputs along with end limit relays are also available.

• Increased productivity due to less downtime
925 Linear Cable Reel Sensor and 1986 Mill-Duty Resolver are easily retrofitted

The Gemco brand products are designed and built to withstand the severe environmental conditions within a Steel Mill.