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Monitor Torch Cut-Off Heads

Steel exits the continuous caster in one solid piece. The torch cut-off must accurately measure and clamp onto the side of the red-hot steel. Once clamped onto the steel, the piece will continue to move until the torches have cut the material to the desired length. High temperatures prove to be a challenge for sensors on these torch cut-off machines.

In order to close the loop on torch cut-off heads, a position sensing device is required. The Gemco 953 VMax LDT and 950MD Mill-Duty Housing with vortex air cooling is effective. The vortex coolers, work on existing filtered plant air, and can generate air flows as low as -40ºF to keep the electronics and mechanical actuators cool. To monitor the slab length, the Gemco 925 Cable Reel is a perfect solution. In this extremely hot application, the stainless steel aircraft grade cable can be run through the hostile area and the cable reel housing can be located in a more user friendly environment.

• Vortex coolers and remotely mounted cable reel housings extend life span of the sensor
• Extended lifespan saves time and money

The Gemco brand products are designed and built to withstand the severe environmental conditions within a Steel Mill. There are a wide variety of options available to ensure longevity and survivability in the hostile environments. Water cooled jackets for LDTs are just one example.