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Stretch Hooding Machine

A manufacturer used a stretch hooding machine to secure palletized products for shipment. This machine is similar to a shrink wrapping system except that it pulls a tubular film over the package and seals it at the top to prevent water damage. The machine in question used a series of four inline proximity switches on the tension fingers to indicate linear position as the machine actuated through a cycle. Using fixed proximity switches requires a mechanical operation to
relocate them during set up.

One 955 Brik LDT replaced all four of the proximity switches. The OEM also received continuous position data that was used to improve cycle times. All settings can be entered and changed at the machine’s programmable controller.

• Replacing four proximity limit switches with one LDT saves money
• Improved cycle time gives a performance advantage over the competition
• The electronic set up is fast and more accurate than the mechanical set up

In addition to the 955S Brik LDT, the Gemco 953 VMax LDT can also provide continuous absolute position feedback in the harshest environments.