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On labeling equipment, the glue control and cutters are controlled by limit switches. To prevent product misalignment, waste, and loss of production time, limits must be fired quickly and in proper sequence.

Gemco Programmable Limit Switches have been applied in hundreds of these applications and have standard features designed in to meet these needs. Typically, the application is set up such that one revolution or less of the resolver is equal to one product. As the product comes into the “work window”, the Gemco 2500 Programmable Limit Switch fires limits which control the glue guns. These glue guns put a specific pattern onto the product. Following the glue is the label applier. After the label is applied the cutter severs the label from the roll.

• Reset to Preset Single - This feature monitors the part as it enters the “work window” and resets the output to zero at the leading edge of the product and allow for one complete cycle. This assures that the product is properly lined up with the machine and does not allow the output to fire if there is not a product present.
• Speed compensation - On machines with variable speed control, the Speed Compensation feature assures that the limit firing
sequence does not lag behind faster product.

The Gemco 2500 PLS is packed with features designed for the packaging world. Speed Compensation, Reset to Preset, Multiple Job Storage, Input and Output Labeling, Windows programming, Lockout, Motion Detector are just a few.