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Case Packer and Cartoner Control

Case packers and cartoners are machines that put products into containers. Typical cartoner applications include food boxes such as cereal, crackers, and rice. Case packers are commonly used to package cartons in bulk for shipment to distribution centers. Both machines put a product in a package and then seal the package at the same location. There are often several programmable limit switches being applied per line at each control point depending on complexity.

A single Gemco 2500 PLS is expandable to 64 outputs to accommodate complex applications. The Gemco 1746 and 1771 plug directly into the Rockwell Allen Bradley backplanes. These PLSs send the 1986 resolver position directly to the PLC which can control the entire machine.

• The Gemco Programmable Limit Switches can control the entire process from beginning to end.
• As the product in question makes its way through the machine it is important to keep track of each package and the position associated with each output to ensure the quality of product.

The Gemco Programmable Limit Switches are packed with features designed for the packaging world.