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Shut Height

With most die changes, the shut height value must be changed. Fast, efficient changes of this shut height will decrease downtime between jobs. The distance that the ram travels is specified or fixed for each press. The ‘daylight’, or open distance between the bed and the ram can be varied via changes in the shut height. The shut height is changed by increasing or decreasing the length between the pitman arm and the slide. This is typically accomplished via a motorized nut/screw assembly mounted between the pitman arm and the slide.

Two methods of monitoring shut height are available. The Gemco 2110 Shut Height Monitor with the rugged 952 BlueOx Linear Displacement Transducers mounted between the pitman arm and the slide will give the direct displacement of the slide adjustment. Another solution is to have a Gemco 1986 Resolver mounted off of the screw with a 2110 Shut Height Monitor in the Turns Counting mode. The resolver system can generate rotary to linear shut height position information. The advantage of a linear displacement transducer is that the unit reads actual displacement and is not affected by gearing backlash. The advantage of a resolver is the ease of installation.

• Gemco truly understands stamping and is the only manufacturer that can supply a complete system including a 2110 Shut Height Monitor, 952 BlueOx LDT, Universal Mounting Kit, and Cable Termination Kit.
• These accessories simplify the installation process and ensure longevity.

The Gemco 952 Blue Ox LDT and 2110 Shut Height Monitor provide absolute position feedback in the harshest environments.