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Basic Press Automation

A customer wanted to provide a basic level of press automation at a nominal cost.

A Gemco 2500 Programmable Limit Switch combined with a heavy-duty Gemco resolver or a 1980R Rotating Cam Limit Switch. Features include a compact design with 8 on-board relays (expandable to 64 on-board relays with expansion boards), programmable brake monitor, motion detect relay, die protection, speed compensation, multi-program and time based outputs, program security input, mechanical and solid state relays that are field interchangeable, and fault check diagnostics. Other standard and special resolvers are available.

• Automates a stamping press at a fraction of the cost of a full press control package
• Windows programming software for easy set up
• Rugged resolver extends product lifespan

Gemco offers a full line of products to help automate the stamping press.