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Press Automation

A customer required press automation that included a mechanical cam limit switch and a resolver, encoder or tach generator input to a controller.


The Gemco 1980 Rotating Cam Limit Switch accurately and safely controls press circuits such as top-stop and anti-repeat. Many press operations are now being fitted with automation equipment that requires limit switch output. While most press control outputs remain unchanged from die to die, the automation outputs frequently require adjustment. The series 1980R cam/resolver package provides the safety and reliability of mechanical cams for press control circuits. Gemco also manufactures several programmable limit switches and bus cards for use with the resolver.

• When combined with the Gemco 2500 PLS or 1992 PLS, we offer unparalleled flexibility
• Die protection
• Fine tune setpoints from keypad for easy operator access
• Multiple program storage for less re-tooling downtime
• Online brake monitor
• Motion detect circuits and RPM readout
• Time based outputs
• Speed offset for multi-speed presses

Available with various size 11 resolvers that are electrically compatible with virtually any resolver based PLS card or controller. The 1980R can also be supplied with a customer specified sensor, encoder, tach generator or potentiometer.