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Liquid Level

  • Alkylation Tank

    A 7230 Series Digital probe offered control by continuously monitoring the temperature as well as the level of a settler tank.

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  • Condensate Tank

    The 7230 provides multi-variable Modbus outputs: level, interface and temperature. The sensor is unaffected by vapors, coatings, density or dielectrical variations and it requires no maintenance or re-calibration.

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  • De-Ionized Water Tank

    We installed a 7330 Pro-Stik II to monitor the tank level. The 4-20mA signal was taken back to the PLC for absolute feedback.

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  • Trans-Mix Tank

    The 7230 Series HT Digital probe is not effected by dielectric or density changes. The magnetostrictive sensor uses a float with a specific gravity that is lower than all of the pipeline products.

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