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Motion Simulators

Motion Simulators for the entertainment industry require reliable feedback on the audience seats to coordinate with video thus enhancing the ride experience. Up to 6 large hydraulic cylinders typically control the movement in this application. Linear potentiometers and competitive brand LDT’s are often used on these simulators.

The 953 VMax LDT offers superior feedback and can withstand the quick movements, and high shock and vibration often associated with a motion simulator. The 953 VMax allows for a more realistic experience.

• Drop-in replacement for competitive model LDT’s
• Programmable zero and span
• Diagnostic LED
• Able to withstand high shock and vibration
• Lower cost

The 953 VMax LDT can adapt to an existing cylinder, and we can offer competitive style connectors for drop-in replacement. In addition, we offer the 950MD mill duty housing which allows for ease of mounting as well as provides a means of quick replacement in case of a failure.