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Motion Feedback

A local amusement park was experiencing problems with their motion feedback in a 3-D theater. The seats in this theater move to simulate interaction with the picture. Each chair in this 250 seat theater has 3-Axis of movement. The ride came equipped with linear potentiometers for feedback, and this proved to be the weak link in the system. On a busy summer day they were experiencing up to 3 failures related to these potentiometers.

We retrofitted the 250 seat theater with our 955S Brik LDT. The 955 Brik is non-contact, has no moving parts and reports back to the host controls the same voltage output as the linear potentiometers.

The 955 Brik LDT has improved the performance of the ride with smoother motion movements and we have eliminated the maintenance nightmare associated with this ride.

While the up-front cost of the Brik may be slightly higher, the overall solution is more cost-effective as the need for maintenance has been eliminated.