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Laser-Guided Edger

Lumber Laser Edger Application Note
A laser-guided edger is utilized in a lumber mill to scan logs and determine the maximum number of boards of varying dimensions that can be produced from a single log. The rough log is then cut into usable lumber. LDTs are installed on hydraulic cylinders to reposition and guide the logs for each cut. 

The MTS LDTs that were installed on the hydraulic cylinders were failing (generating false signals), due to the severe shock and vibration associated with lumber processing. In some cases, the LDTs were faulting every 15 minutes. This resulted in wood scrap, increased maintenance, and lower production.

The Gemco 953 VMax LDT replaced the existing MTS LDTs. They were installed into the existing hydraulic cylinders with MTS our connector option “M”, making for a seamless integration. The 953 VMax is shock resistant to 1,000 Gs and vibration resistant to 30 Gs. Installed over six months ago, the 953 VMax have not failed once, thereby saving the lumber mill $3,000 a day on scrap and maintenance costs.

٠Drop-in replacement for competitive model LDTs.
٠Accurate and reliable absolute position indication with high resolution and repeatability.
٠Resistance to high shock and vibration (1,000 Gs of shock and 30 Gs of vibration).
٠Wide input power range of 7 to 30 VDC means no need to specify different models.
٠IP68 rated.
٠Diagnostic LED.

The 953 VMax is a heavy duty, reliable, drop-in replacement for competitive LDT models that can provide protection against high shock and vibration in hydraulic applications. In this case, a cost savings of $3,000 a day on scrap and maintenance costs was realized.

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