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Mobile Sawmill Automation

Lumber Sawmill Application Note
The need for automation in a sawmill is greater today than ever before. Typically, each log is scanned to determine the maximum number of boards of varying dimensions that can be produced. Once that is determined, technology takes over and the saw blades are automatically adjusted to cut the log into boards. Most stationary sawmills use Rod Style products such as our 953 VMAX, installed in hydraulic cylinders. However, in the mobile sawmill arena, operators rely on manual adjustments or other low cost Linear Transducers to adjust the saw blade height

The 955 eBrik II™ Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is an ideal alternative to Linear Potentiometers and other low cost Linear Transducers such as those made by our competitors: MTS (EP2) or Balluf (BTL6). The advantages of the 955 eBrik II over the low cost EP2 or BTL6 is the shape of our package, the fact that we offer both voltage and current outputs, and that we can handle either a Floating or Slide Magnet assembly. The competitive low cost units only offer voltage outputs and can only accept floating magnet assemblies.

٠Floating or Slide Magnet options for easy integration to a host machine
٠Non-contact technology (Magnetostrictive)
٠Programmable Zero and Span points
٠Longevity – Nothing to wear out
٠Economically priced
٠Industry standard mating cordset for easy replacement – 5-pin 12 mm Micro

The 955 eBrik II is designed for applications where economical, continuous feedback is necessary. The sensor can be a cost effective replacement to linear potentiometers and other competitive, low cost transducers, limit, and proximity sensors.

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