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Industrial Hydraulic Cylinders

Industrial Cylinders - Positional Feedback in Rugged Applications
Hydraulic cylinders require feedback devices to withstand high shock, vibration, and pressure as well as endure temperature swings while providing extremely high repeatability over a long period of time. Resolution of +/- 0.001” is often required to provide the necessary feedback. For convenient installation and maintenance, mounting must be straight forward and simple. Each application requires a specific output type.

The 953 VMax LDT is an ideal solution for use in hydraulic cylinders. It provides absolute feedback and has been designed to withstand rugged environments which include static pressure of 5,000 psi, shocks of 1,000 Gs and random vibration of up to 30 Gs. Analog and digital outputs can be wired back to the host PLC to provide accurate position feedback. A 3/4-16 mounting thread (or optional metric M18x1.5) allows for quick and easy installation. The 953 VMax withstands temperatures from -40 to 85 °C and offers various outputs including analog, digital start/stop and variable pulse (PWM).

• The 953 VMax’s rugged construction eliminates downtime
• Eliminates drift and the need to calibrate which reduces labor costs and scrap
• Output options allow low cost and simple interface to equipment
• Diagnostic LED
• Field programmable field and span
• IP68
• Removable cartridge
• Wide input power range, 7-30 VDC
• Can use competitive magnets

The 953 VMax LDT is right at home in hostile applications

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