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Linear Displacement Transducers Solves Plastic Injection Molding Automation

A Plastic Injection molding machine normally uses 4 axis or more of linear positioning to control the process. These axis typically are the injector screw position, carriage position, mold closure, and mold eject. In the past, OEM’s relied on Linear Potentiometers which were less than reliable in this application.

Plastic injection molding machine including LDT
Sensors on Injection Molding machines can be subject to high shock,vibration and extremely high temperatures.

Magnetostrictive sensors are non-contact sensing devices that can withstand the high cycle rate and environmental conditions in the Plastics Industry.

AMETEK manufactures a complete line of Linear Displacement Transducers (LDT) to meet the needs of injection molding customers.

The 953 VMax is tolerant to this hostile environment. The 953 VMax is designed to operate up to 85°C, and can withstand 1000 G’s of shock and 30 G’s of vibration. The 955 Brik and 956 Blok LDT offer unparalleled mounting options when replacing linear Potentiometers..

Non-contact magnetostrictive technology ensure longevity and reduced maintenance

• Superior response and accuracy means higher performance and improved part quality
• Competitive connectors for drop-in replacement of other LDTs
• Programmable zero & span
• Diagnostic LED allows quick troubleshooting

All of the above secures a lower overall sensor cost requirement over the life of the machine.

Gemco 955 eBrik II™ Linear Displacement Transducer (LDT) is an ideal alternative to the traditional low-cost Linear Potentiometer.

The advantages of Magnetostrictive sensors over the traditional potentiometer is they offer non-contact position sensing and can operate over a wide temperature range.

The 953 VMax offers analog, digital and SSI outputs and re available with competitive connectors for drop-in replacement. When retrofitting older Plastic Injection Molding machines, the Gemco 950MD housing and 956 Blok can simplify the installation with simple two point mounting.

Download the application note as printable PDF.