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Keeping Hoses and Cables Secured When Deicing Airplanes

Factory Automation manufactures linear displacement transducers and cable and hose carriers for airports and airplanes

Deicers are portable mobile devices used to provide a temporary platform for personnel or equipment to access areas of height, such as those found in the aviation industry to deice aircrafts.

Deicers must be designed to handle different size aircraft and are limited only by the distance accessible by the length of each boom arm. Using telescoping sections, the range of the boom can be
adjusted to the necessary position. As the boom arms extend and retracts, the hydraulic hoses, fluid lines and electric cables that extend to the work platform moves along with the boom.

To prevent wear and twisting of the cables and hoses when the boom arm extends and retract the movement of cables and hoses must be controlled. Steel construction tracks are recommended in
this industry, due to the possible build-up of ice.

Catrac is used on deicing machinery in airports world-wide, as a means of safely and efficiently conveying power, electrical, air, or fluid (or a combination of these) to equipment in motion. Catrac is
designed to be maintenance free and to protect cables and hoses from abrasion, wear and twisting.

Catrac cable and hose carriers have been used on and specified by many OEM machine builders over the years to provide a rugged, reliable, custom built solution for each machine. These machines carry numerous cables, hydraulic and air hoses, that secures the machine uptime, this helps to ensure on-time departures.

Catrac cable and hose carriers have a proven record of reliability with aerial lift manufacturers
• Damaged components can easily be repaired or replaced in the field.
• The pin and retaining ring construction is used for ease of repair/replacement, should damage ever occur. Low-budget units are riveted together, if damaged, the entire hose
carrier assembly needs to be replaced which makes this a more expensive solution in long run.
• Catrac industrial grade 2CP and 3CP style are 3 metal thick side link construction – cheaper replacement units are very light gauge 2 metal thick riveted construction.
• Catrac 203 thru 808 styles are mill duty with 4 metal thick side link construction. The Catrac tracks have a welded cross brace for additional strength. The cheaper replacement have screwed in carriers which provides far less strength.
• All parts are zinc plated with a yellow trivalent chromate dip for added corrosion resistance. Other materials of construction such as aluminum, stainless-steel and nylon are available.

Catrac cable and hose carriers are designed and manufactured in the United States of America. 

AMETEK Factory Automation has over 50 years designing and building custom Catracs to meet demanding environments, such as deicing machines, aerial lifts, steel mills, directional drilling machines, and stacker reclaimers. We supply complete systems or spare parts, as needed.

Contact our applications engineers for additional information or to discuss your specific needs in detail.

Read Application Note on printable PDF.