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Auto Glass

An OEM was using a competitive analog LDT back to the PLC to measure the shape of a windshield. The problem arose with his PLC. The scan time of his PLC with an analog input was over 40ms and the customer could not do quality control with readings over 40ms.

We installed our 952QD BlueOX LDT with quadrature output directly into the PLC High Speed Counter. The High Speed Counter was capable of generating an interrupt and therefore could process the data much quicker.

• Direct connectivity to the PLC High Speed Counter
• Increase in throughput
• Sensor is absolute with the ‘Burst’ Mode

Customer was able to increase their throughput time by more than 25% because the PLC could respond quicker to the quadrature input than it could to the analog input. 

The Gemco 953 VMax LDT can also provide continuous absolute position feedback in the harshest environments.