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Applications for the Automation Industry
  • Edge Trimmer

    We used a 955A Brik that could measure the difference between two magnets. The customer went with our D1 differential 4 to 20mA format that reported the distance between the magnets back to their controller.

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  • Fiberglass Winders

    A 955CA BRIK with analog output can be mounted directly on top of the SMC cylinder to detect the magnet within. The analog output is then wired back to the customer’s PLC allowing the various end stroke positions to be programmed through the PLC/HMI.

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  • Finishing and Coating

    All our mill-duty smart solutions are application driven. Whether we use standard products or special engineered solutions, you can depend on five things: accuracy and repeatability, survivability, easy installation, and service

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  • Position Feedback for Flight Simulators

    The majority of these OEM’s use either analog or digital style LTD’s. The 953 VMax is available with analog, digital and SSI outputs that can operate off of 7 to 30 volts DC, making it a drop-in replacement in many applications.

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  • Recycle Baler

    A 955S Brik with continuous feedback paired with the new Gemco floating magnet solves these problems. The analog signal is fed back to the PLC for absolute control.

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  • Rotary Turn Table

    The Gemco 2500 Programmable Limit Switch has proven effective in machine control of rotary turntables where limits fire based on the position of the circumference of the table.

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  • Sensor and Control Solutions

    The Gemco 925 cable reel system eliminates mechanical limit switch failure, replacement, and downtime. Subtle and unpredictable car movement does not affect accurate signal transmission.

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  • Valve Positioning

    A 955S Brik with a standard slide magnet was mounted along side the valve. The slide magnet was connected to the cylinder so that the full stroke of the valve could be monitored.

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