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Condensate Tank

In a gas pipeline application, condensate tanks located after the separator accumulate various liquids depending on the level of condensation and the changing composition of liquids removed from the gas line. It is important to insure that the back up of liquids does not trip the safety valve that would shut down the pipeline. Monitoring the level is difficult because of the changing composition of materials. In addition, stratification of oils, glycols and water make total level measurement difficult for most instrument technologies. This requires constant maintenance and re-calibration in order to insure that the level readings are accurate.

The 7230 Digital Probe provides multi-variable Modbus outputs: level, interface and temperature. The sensor is unaffected by vapors, coatings, density or dielectrical variations and it requires no maintenance or re-calibration. The 7230 Probe is accurate to 0.01% of span, has a measuring range up to 24 ft., and is a truly “Plug-N-Play” instrument. It’s available with digital or analog output and is suitable for Class 1, Div. 1, Group A, B, C, and D environments.

• Preventing shut down increases throughput
• Time savings in reduced maintenance
• Increased accuracy