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How do I choose a Cable Carrier?

The type of cable carrier you need depends on the environment and the types of cables, and hoses, you need conveyed and protected. 

In general, we offer two types of cable carriers: light-weight, and heavyweight. The types of cables and hoses, as well as the type of machinery the cable carrier is mounted on can help you decide what type of cable and hose carrier you need.

The SnapTrack cable carrier, manufactured from a nylon composite, is extremely flexible and provides protected and controlled movement of cables and hoses. The SnapTrack is a corrosion-resistant, non-conductive carrier, and can be used with electric, air, gas, or hydraulic hoses. 

Mining Equipment needs Rugged Cable and Hose Protection
For heavy industries, we offer Steel CATRAC cable and hose carriers. CATRAC is recommended for various types of machinery as a means of safely and efficiently conveying power, electrical, air, or fluid (or any combination of these) to equipment in motion. 

The CATRAC cable carrier is mill-duty, and is designed to be maintenance-free and to protect cables and hoses from abrasion, wear, and twisting. 

The center pivot design allows for smoother cycling and minimal hose movement. The CATRAC design offers “No Pinch Points” to ensure operator safety. Standard side links are high tensile steel for maximum strength. Steel CATRACs are zinc plated with a yellow dichromate dip for superior corrosion resistance. Optional materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel are available. This makes CATRAC ideal for any application — dry, moist, heat, and cold — and why CATRAC cable carriers are used in industries as diverse as mining and quarries, steel mills, container terminal cranes, and moving bridges.
Choose Versatile Cable Carriers 
A variety of individual elements enable the cable carriers to provide safe and long-lasting solutions for every type of travel. Typical applications for this carrier include robotics, machine tools, and all types of automated industrial equipment. Downtime is to be avoided in any heavy industry, and by using a professional cable carrier solution, the risk of downtime due to entangled or damaged cables and hoses is greatly reduced. 

Deicing machine using snaptrack hose carrier
Both CATRAC and SnapTrack cable & hose carriers allow service on individual parts of the cable carrier, making repairs and maintenance fast and simple.

What Motion Are Your Cables and Hoses Exposed To?
You know your application and needs better than anyone else! If you are designing automated machinery, or if you are working with automated workflows, contact AMETEK Factory Automation to talk with us about cable and hose carriers. We know both SnapTrack and CATRAC in detail, and can help you get the ideal cable carrier for your workflow.