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Gemco Industrial Brakes

Gemco Industrial Brakes stop virtually any type of industrial machine. Applications such as steel mills, indoor and outdoor bridge cranes, gantries, heavy-duty cranes, high-duty cycle cranes, lock and dam projects, stacker reclaimers, and commercial laundry equipment are just some of the uses for our industrial brakes.
Gemco Industrial Brakes are field proven, high performance brake systems. They were originally designed and built by Westinghouse and Wagner Industrial Brake Group and purchased by AMETEK in the late 1980's. Our Brakes are tough, reliable, and provide extended, trouble free service. They have been built and designed to the original specifications. For more than 40 years, Gemco has been an acknowledged leader in brake system technology for heavy-duty industrial applications. Our Brake systems are available in Hydraulic, Magnetic and Electro-Thrust systems.