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Gemco 2006 RLS Awarded Best Encoder 2019!

Monday, December 16, 2019

Factory Automation is proud to have received the Readers’ Choice award Best Encoder 2019 for the Gemco 2006 RLS, from the acknowledged online magazine 

The proven Gemco 2006 is installed world-wide to control the intermediate and end limits of linear or rotary motion for instance on cranes, hoists, packaging machinery, conveyor, doors, or material handling equipment preventing these from exceeding the intended working area.

Gemco 2006 rotary limit switch also prevents overtravel by cutting power to the motor or the device that is driving the machine. This secures the equipment, the goods, the workflow and most importantly, the personnel working on sites with containers or similar industrial logistics. 

The RLS from Gemco is equipped with UL listed snap action switches rated for more than 15 million operations. The all-metal gearing and the shaft tested to up to 2000 RPM works both clockwise and counter-clockwise. The 2006 Series is manufactured with electrical switches that are UL recognized.

The simplicity of the rotary limit switch is the key to its success. The limit switch is easy to set up, very simple to wire and will work flawlessly with no maintenance due to the self-lubricating bearings.

Many cranes need to work flawlessly withstanding freezing temperatures, or in the hot summer sun. This will not lower the safety as Gemco 2006 rotary limit switch works unaffected from -40 to 82°C (-40 to 180°F).

Learn more about Gemco 2006 RLS, Best Encoder 2019.

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