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Gemco Delivers Linear Displacement Transducers On Time

Friday, June 25, 2021

The past few years have brought new issues to manufacturers within the automation industries. The shortage of manpower and supply chain issues with industrial components have caused major delays for automation equipment manufacturers.   The situation has raised awareness among manufacturers because they must deliver a quality product without delay.  

The market for position sensors, such as linear displacement transducers, has experienced a tremendous change, not only due to the natural evolution of modernized manufacturing workflow but when COVID affected our society, the need for social distancing and automated manufacturing increased even more. 
This situation caused a significant increase in the demand for position sensors as more and more manufacturers upgraded existing manufacturing lines to work faster and with less manpower. The need for position sensors for automated manufacturing lines increased further as more manufacturers looked for automated manufacturing due to the financial perspectives. With the shortage of raw materials and electronic components from Asia in this equation, it seemed like a "perfect storm."   

Navigating through Supply Shortage
Gemco manufactures Profile Style Linear position sensors often seen in the automation industries; aside from that, Gemco also manufactures classic rod-style position sensors used for position feedback in hydraulic cylinders. Both types are known for accuracy and for handling harsh working conditions, including vibrations, moisture, heat, and high pressure. All of the mentioned parameters set very high standards for what the electronics inside these sensors must handle in the long run. Living up to this is a complex task, especially when you have to navigate your way through supply chain issues.
Product Manager Blake Cawley explains this situation: “All sensor manufacturers have run into supply chain issues.  Some were affected worse than others.  At AMETEK, we increased our inventories early on and procured hard-to-find components from brokers.  While our costs may have increased, we have been able to meet our promises.  Our R&D people have also been extremely busy helping to qualify alternate components.”
Increased Demand in an Evolving Market 
The component shortage and longer delivery times on linear position sensors have caused increased research for position sensors. This is not only by OEMs but also by users and service companies.  This situation has resulted in an increased online search to find a trustworthy supplier that can deliver a quality product in a timely manner.  Blake Cawley:" We have always focused on quality; our customers rely on quality products delivered as promised.”

Despite the supply shortage, Gemco has launched two new products. The Gemco 959CT for hydraulic cylinders and the 956 EBlok for Injection molding machinery; both position sensors appeal to customers' needs, aiming for a more budget-friendly solution that still provides accuracy and longevity.
According to Product Manager Blake Cawley, Gemco has seen the past few years as an ordeal that has not only proven that linear position sensors are getting increased popularity within automation, but Gemco has seen an increased focus on quality, as quality means delivery safety.