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Measurement Solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry

Friday, November 9, 2018

The paper making production process creates a very harsh working environment for the level instruments and it is very important that manufacturing companies monitor the progress of these critical production processes. For decades Factory Automation has provided instruments for accurate position measurement with the rugged construction required for working the wood, pulp and paper industries. 

When controlling position at sawmills or pulp production, the amount of vibration and risk of dust or moisture are a constant threat to the electrical equipment. This can cause breakdowns which can mean accidents or a production line that is down for hours. Factory automations’ Gemco linear displacement transducers not only deliver precise measurement for the automation but does so with longevity 

Pulp production can be extremely harsh on the position sensors used, and in some cases, it can even affect the longevity on the instrument. Magnetic sensors such as 953 Vmax and 958A Compact Housing does however cope with the harshest conditions, including permanent vibrations.

The process of paper production is complex; therefore, AMETEK has created an overview of optimal solutions depending on the individual application. The right solution not only provides safety for production workers, but also improves the workflow, thereby creating a better bottom line.

So, what is the best measurement solution?  When calculating the most cost-effective solution, we take for granted that quality measurement and minimizing production breakdowns due to product failure is crucial for all professionals. If you do your calculation with the lifetime of the product in consideration, then Factory Automation should be a part of your solution. 

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